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There is a large, cheap Municipal parking lot called The Landing 1/2 a block from our shop at 30 N. Lansdowne Ave, Lansdowne, PA, 19050. It is located on the same side of the street is our shop.  Free to park on Sundays, Holidays, and during the Farmer's Market.  At all other times it is just otherwise 25 cents an hour. The main meter for the lot is often broken in which case there is no charge.  There are also a few metered spots feet from our shop for 25 cents an hour.  And there is free parking on many neighborhood streets in walking distance.

Our Return Policy

All Sales are Final, with a couple of exceptions. If your Music or Electronic item does not work you have 7 days to return it to Scrappy Cat for your money back.

Consignments and Donations

We are sorry but we do not accept Consignments or Donations. 

We are, on occasion, open to purchasing high-end Cat themed items and antique or vintage Halloween decorations.  Feel free to send us pictures of your items for evaluation.  Please do not bring things to the shop.

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Here's the full low-down on physical maneuvering around Scrappy Cat.

There is one step to get into the shop from the sidewalk. We have a sturdy metal ramp that goes over it well. Sadly, we can not leave the ramp out all of the time because it could be a trip hazard. But if you call 215-201-9882 or knock on the front street level window we will be very happy to put it out for you. Once inside, the first floor is flat with throw rugs throughout. We've purposefully set up the walkway throughout the shop wider than a typical antique store so you don't have to be overly concerned with knocking things over. That said, the shop is packed with many layers of product so it can be alot of visual input. If you accidentally break something, just tell us, you will not be charged. There are no flashing lights, just a couple very slowly changing light colors. The first room is brightly lit, the backroom is dark with a few colorful lights. Music is always playing on the first floor.

The second floor is purposefully quiet with just the sound of a fan. The second floor has clothing, hats, shoes, books, glassware, bags/luggage and the cat throne. There is a steep set of stairs with sturdy metal handrail going to the second floor. Sadly we have no elevator. If you want help grabbing something we are happy to bring it down. That goes for paintings on the wall, something brought down from the second floor, whatever you need.

The small one room bathroom on the first is always open the public, but has no handrails. Always feel free to use the bathroom, you do not have to ask or buy something just to have access. It says "Litterbox" on the door.

There are multiple chairs and two large benches on the second floor where you are very welcome to relax.

We are big fans of air conditioning. The first floor is set to around 70 degrees. The second floor AC isn't as effective, but usually about 80 degrees or less.

Staff wear masks & are fully vaccinated. We have masks available for customers, but will not force anyone to wear them. There is a Hepa air cleaner running in each room of the shop.

We want Scrappy Cat to be an enjoyable, comfortable, and inclusive place for you to explore. We are intimately familiar with challenging health concerns and try to keep others' needs in mind when setting up the space. Please let us know if we can do anything to make your visit more enjoyable. We hope to see you soon!

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