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Scrappy Cat Background


Scrappy Cat was started by Robyn & Mike, partners in life & in the shop, and it has been our life-long dream to open our own small business.  We left our former jobs during the pandemic and pulled together every bit of savings and resources we could to open the shop.  We got vaccinated and attended every Auction & Estate sale we could, daily, for about year, before we felt comfortable that we had quality merchandise we could stand by.  

We ran into many hurdles including the pandemic, health concerns and even a shady former landlord.  Eventually we were overjoyed to rent our current storefront in beautiful Lansdowne.  We worked on the building and curated the shop for many months before finally opening the doors April of 2022.   We are passionate about creating a pretty, comfortable & inclusive environment where we hope all feel welcome except fascists. 

At Scrappy Cat, we provide our shoppers with a broad assortment of changing inventory.  We try to give shoppers the space to peruse at their own speed without pressure.  We are happy to answers any questions, grab things from upstairs or off the walls, and assist you in finding the right items for your needs.  We check condition & comps, and try to keep prices as reasonable as possible so please don't haggle, it hurts our brains. 
We strive to have exclusive inventory that is attractive on many levels and numerous items are one of a kind.  Many items have traveled through time & history over decades or centuries to land in our shop and it is our goal to take good care of them and help you find each other.  We stock what we love and hope that you enjoy your visit to Scrappy Cat.


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